Search Engine Optimization

We Offer High Quality SEO Services

Mediafinity SEO services provide what is beyond putting some keywords in your website HTML markup to increase its search ranking. Our professional SEO services focus on your overall website optimization to ensure that it gets high search engines ranking. We work for your website long term growth using professional methods that ensure that your website is highly ranked while eliminating any search engine penalty.

What is SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the cornerstone of any successful marketing effort. A powerful brand value for your business is reflected by a well-optimized website that is built for successful marketing campaigns with high ranking in search engines. This gives your business competitive edge over other competitors.

Keyword Search

Keyword search consists of the process of identifying what your customers are typing in search engines to find your products and services. Mediafinity team works on generating a list of optimized keywords to increase your website ranking while eliminating any keyword that could possibly affect your website ranking negatively.

Keyword search starts by extracting all keywords from your website contents. These keywords are refined and used to generate a list of phrases, where each phrase may include one up to 4 words that are necessary in making purchasing decisions. These phrases are refined further to include ones with high ROI.

A final list of keywords is organized into targeted keywords groups, and each page is assigned primary keywords with a group of secondary keywords that are highly-targeted. This process allows each page to be optimized for up to 10 keyword phrases.

Content Optimization

The process of keyword search alone is not enough to increase the visibility of your website in search engines. Proper optimization of your website's contents is required to allow it to well perform. This process is based on analyzing your HTML code to optimize it with right title tags, urls, headings, alt tags and meta descriptions.

Link Building

Confidence level of your site is calculated by search engines using links other websites make to it. Therefore, high quality links will help improving your site ranking and it’s a very important SEO tool.

Link building is not an easy process to perform. Today, search engines are very smart to detect low quality and spam links. Mediafinity team evaluates each link following strict criterias. This is required to not harm your website ranking and increase it.

Website Architecture

The overall configuration of your website has direct effect on SEO. The configuration starts from backend code and ends at your website design and its performance on various devices such as PCs and mobile devices. A poorly performing website will affect its ranking. Therefore, a good SEO campaign must be supported by a high performing website.

To improve website architecture, Mediafinity team focuses on the following points:

  • Ensuring that your website's urls are search engine friendly with no dead or duplicated ones
  • Ensuring that your website structure is properly engineered to make sure that search engines scan it correctly and allow its visitors to find required information easily.
  • Your website code can influence your website negatively in case it is not optimized. Our team will work on making sure that your code is optimized in the correct way to increase your website ranking and its visitors experience.
  • An XML sitemap is used by search engines to index your website's internal pages correctly. On the other hand, HTML sitemap is very useful for your visitors to get an overview about your website contents and find the information they are searching for.

Mobile Optimization

With the increase of mobile devices usage, search engines algorithms began to give higher priority to websites that are mobile enabled. This is the result of the increase in traffic generated by mobile devices which overtook desktop traffic since 2014. A non-mobile friendly website will have its search engine ranking affected greatly.

Mediafinity team offers many options to allow your website to be mobile compatible. For new websites, the best solution is to make them responsive and highly optimized to work across any device and low bandwidth connections. In case your website is not responsive, another option is to generate a stripped-down version of your website that is mobile enabled and low bandwidth compatible.

There are other points to work on in order to make your website mobile compatible. First, your website must offer optimized user experience on mobile websites, regardless of the used device screen size and capabilities. This includes content format such as text size, quick load time over low bandwidth and easy navigation using touch screens.

To increase your website performance on mobile devices, our team works on reducing the number of requests, reducing scripts and style files sizes. Finally, it tries to use CSS instead of relying on custom code when possible.

Local SEO

Local SEO targets geographically close clients to your business and employs the Internet to help you to reach them. Basically, Local SEO is similar to regular SEO but targets specific locations and focuses on them to help your business grow.

Social Media Optimization

Social media sites, such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, provide great opportunity for businesses and they become a necessity to help them grow. Today, social media sites are the most important method to inform your clients about your business services. Mediafinity, provide social media optimization services by setting up your social media accounts and keep them up to date with optimized contents.

Blog Setup

Blogs are an important tool to increase the communication between you and your clients. They allow promoting your B2B services through interesting contents. This requires arming your website with a strong blogging platform in order to help you update and publish your content regularly without the need for technical assistant.