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During last decade, mobile devices became the fastest method to browse the web, manage business and get connected. People are becoming dependent on these devices to manage their business and find new information while on the move. This allowed mobiles to overtook desktop browsing. This trend is increasing, especially among non-tech people that are using mobile browsing exclusively because its ability to allow multi-tasking and freedom. Unfortunately, classic web design is not suitable for mobile devices users that are looking for easy to access information. Today, responsive design has become the norm that web designers follow to generate websites that offers rich and efficient browsing experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

What is Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows a website to automatically adapt its content according to the device screen size. This allows maximum UI accessibility and richer browser experience for your clients no matter what device they are using such smartphone, tablet, pc or even a smart TV.

Designers are using responsive web design techniques to allow websites visitors to get the optimal browsing experience by enabling them to easily read content, view images and navigate without zooming in and out. Thanks to the ability of the website to adjust dynamically following the used device screen size. The final result is a website that will operate normally and as intended across many devices even when new ones are introduced.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive design has many advantages over classic web design and the development of a separate mobile website. First, your website will have consistent branding across multiple devices. Second, it is easier to manage your website content than managing contents of two website: classic and mobile. No need to operate two separate versions. Finally, search engine optimization is easier when dealing with one website. Google search engine gives higher ranking for responsive websites that are enabled for mobile users.