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Progress Web Apps Development Services

Mediafinity is always ready to deliver state of the art mobile apps using latest technologies. We provide progress web apps by investing in latest technologies offered by Google to guarantee high quality apps that are delivered at the lowest cost.

What is PWA (Progress Web App)

A Progress Web App is basically a website but enhanced to support mobile apps features that allow it to adapt itself as a hybrid mobile app when used on a mobile device, while being able to work as fully functional website when used on a desktop. The most important feature that PWA offers is the removal of the need to download the app. It is sufficient that your clients pin it once to their mobile home screen from within the browser, and it will be ready to deliver mobile app experience to its users. A PWA is more than a responsive mobile website, it works even when your clients are not connected to the Internet and it provides many features that are offered by hybrid mobile apps including push notifications even if the browser is closed.

Advantages of PWA over Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

The first notable advantage of PWA is the decreased development cost. PWA delivers a solution that not only works across multiple mobile devices, but it also works as a full website across desktops. In addition to this, a PWA app works as a full Windows 10 App. Another important feature provided by PWA is the ability to be pinned immediately at your device home screen. PWA does not need to be downloaded and installed. This encourages your clients to pin your app without downloading it. Researches showed that clients tend to only install apps that they use daily and they usually ignore apps that require download. furthermore, PWA offers the ability to be easily optimized for search engines and it has small footprint compared to native and hybrid apps. E.g. Twitter PWA – called Twitter Lite – is only 600 KB in size while the same Twitter android app is about 24 MB and Twitter iOS app is about 200 MB. This feature is very attractive to clients with limited data plans or poor Internet connection.